Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How do I mosiac the maps so that I can print out more than one and connect them together?

A - Set the contour colors so that a certain elevation is minimum and another elevation is maximum. Also, set the depth perspective to 99 so that you can mosiac the maps in 3D.

Q - How do I display 4 quadrangles at once?

A - Select Quads...  Load four quadrangles at once...  and select the block of 4 that you would like to see.  For example: 

Q - Sometimes when I zoom in a zoom box is drawn but nothing happens, why is this?

A - To zoom in, press the control key and drag the box to zoom in with the mouse. Let up on the mouse button BEFORE letting up on the control key to zoom.  OR... press the right mouse button at any time to force a redraw.

Q - Printing a map that has Land Use Land Cover doesn't work. 

A - This is due to the fact that we use a 3rd party graphing engine and the LULC data is an overlay.  The workaround is to display the map exactly as you would like it to print and then hold Ctrl and press PrintScreen.  Next open Microsoft Word or Paint and press Ctrl-V.  Then print.  

Q - I just installed Topo3D onto a new computer and my license key doesn't work?

A - The license key is tied to the label of the hard drive or CD  that Topo3D is installed on. The state folder has to be copied to the root level of the drive and the drive must be labeled 1003.  For older versions please email to get another key.

Q - Sometimes, the map is drawn off to one side of the screen, how do I move it back to the center?

A - The easiest way is to press the Shift button and both mouse buttons, this "grabs" the map and lets you move it around with the mouse. If the map is completely off the screen, press the 0 button on the Zoom/Pan toolbar to get it recentered.

Q - When I switch from a 1:250,000 scale map to a 1:24,000 scale map, the contour line interval changes. Why?

A - Up to version 3.0, we automatically multiplied the contour line interval by 3 when going to the higher resolution quadrangles. This feature is now turned off in version 3.5 and above.

Q - When I print the maps, they do not fit on the paper well. Any suggestions?

A - We have found that the best way to print is in landscape mode, to print this way the map needs to be rotated about the Z axis by 90 degrees (type in 90 next to the Z button and press it.) Also, move the map on the screen using shift-both mouse buttons and zoom the whole map using control - both mouse buttons. Then use print preview to see what it will look like on paper. Make sure the print setup has the landscape button checked.

Q - When I print the maps, they use an inordinate amount of ink, is there a way to print that does not use so much ink?

A - Yes, Choose the 3D - Color Mesh option, this will only color the mesh lines instead of filling in the complete map with color.

Q - How do I hook up a GPS?

A - First:  Press Start...  Programs...  Accessories...  Hyperterminal...  

Choose a name and an icon then press OK.  

Now hook up the GPS unit to a serial port on the computer and select the appropriate COM port in the dialog box.

Determine the communication settings of the GPS and enter them in the next dialog box:

If all is correct then pressing OK will  bring up a window that displays the raw text commands coming from the GPS.  Write down the communication settings and close out Hyperterminal.

Start Topo3D and select GPS...  Direct GPS Connection... and fill in the following screen:

Press Connect and Topo3D will bring up your location on a map in the background.  Lastly, MINIMIZE the connection window to stay connected and start traveling.  You should see a yellow box with a black X tracking your current location.


If your question is not answered here, please email and I will respond as soon as possible.


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