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Digital Elevation Models - Includes all the 250K DEM's for your state.  It automatically divides these into the corresponding 7.5 minute quadrangles and then resamples on 24 feet contour levels.  High resolution SDTS 7.5 minute DEM's may also be loaded, these are available for any part of the country from the USGS web site.

Digital Line Graphs - The entire 15 minute overlays provide land survey, power lines, roads, trails, streams, drainage, forest boundaries, pipelines, and railroads.   

Land Use Land Cover - Actual land cover data (37 different types).  Colors can be customized.

Names and Places Database - Every landmark recorded by the USGS.

Direct GPS Connection - Hook up a laptop to a NMEA compatible GPS and get seamless map tracking! 

Easy to Use User Interface - Grab a map with both mouse buttons, spin it by moving the mouse, let go and the software redraws the map in 3D at any orientation.

Powerful software lets you select a 60 mile by 60 mile portion from a set of buttons in the shape of a state.  Then click anywhere on it to get a more detailed 7.5 minute quadrangle.  Zoom in or out at any time.   

Interactive - Add your own symbols, lines and waypoints. 

Extensive Search Capabilities - Enter any landmark name or an exact latitude, longitude in the state and Topo3D will bring up the quadrangle and mark the exact position requested.

Customize all colors and line widths.  

Take off any or all axis markings. 

Import a file of latitude, longitude points and have TOPO3D plot them on the current quadrangle.  Load Garmin waypoint files and have TOPO3D display the routes.

Export high resolution (300 dpi) maps to a bitmap files for import into other programs.